How NOT to be an LGBTQ Ally

a lesbian and her laptop

I’ve held my LGBTQ membership for about 7 years now (for the allies reading—it’s a joke!) and encountered my fair share of very poor attempts of straight people trying anything to indicate to me that they don’t hate me for being gay. QUICK TIP: When I mention my girlfriend, I do not need you to wave a Pride flag in my face. I would actually appreciate you carrying on a conversation like you would for anyone else. Straight people generally don’t know how to act when they realize someone is queer, and it’s really embarrassing for them. Like the amount of secondhand embarrassment I get from that makes me sweat.

From unwelcomed comments on my social media posts, parading first Pride attendance as “courageous” for a straight person, and yelling across a park to highlight the bravery of two girls holding hands, it’s occurred to me that straight and cis…

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